Robert James Ritchie, a singer who is better known as Kid Rock, came out for Donald Trump. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Kid Rock said in an interview “I’m digging Trump,” and asked rhetorically if any of the career politicians such as Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, or Hillary Clinton can really offer any change.

Kid Rock said, “I haven't really seen this big, like, f-ing change. Obviously some people f-ed up. [Laughs] That's a long debate. My feeling: let the motherf-ing business guy run it like a f-ing business. And his campaign has been entertaining as s%^#." The singer supported the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Mitt Romney (R) in 2012. Kid Rock is a native of Michigan and is frequenly associated with Detroit. When asked what he thought of Trump’s campaign, Kid Rock said "Well, yeah, on a certain level. It's entertaining as s%^#."

As to whether Trump will advance to the finals, Kid Rock said in an interview with MLive: "I think he will. To me, I'm just like, "We gotta try something else," and ... I'm not an expert at political science or anything. I do try to follow things, obviously. I'm a pretty good, tax-paying citizen of this country. [Laughs] Let the business guy in there. It's not really working too well running it not like a business. I mean, what business f-ing survives when they're f-ing broke?” A native Michigander, a video Kid Rock released in 2011 that accompanied his song ‘Born Free’ featured scenes of the two-peninsula Mitten State.



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