Hindu extremist leaders have intensified a campaign of hatred and slander against Christians in India, according to the "All India Christian Council" (AICC), which defends human rights and freedom of religion.

 Subramaniam Swamy, president of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - the main opposition party to the federal government - has launched a wide-ranging campaign of slander against Christian and Muslim communities, notes the AICC , and in particular against the "Law for the Prevention of intercommunal violence", that religious minorities and the Catholic Church hope will soon be approved by Parliament.

The BJP leader is supported by other prominent politicians, such as Lal Krishan Advani and Narendra Modi, who also belong to the BJP. After many years of militancy, in which they supported Hindu extremist groups like " Sangh Parivar," which has been held responsible for many mass violence, now want to formulate a moderate image for themselves. According to the AICC, in reality "they want to transfer the logic of 'communitarianism', and therefore the abuse of minorities, in state apparatuses".

John Dayal, AICC General Secretary, said that Christians of Mumbai in the past had already submitted a formal complaint against Subramaniam Swamy, for the spread of hatred in society, in violation of the Constitution.

According to the AICC, the law for the prevention of violence against minorities is much needed since, according to official data, "in the last 10 years over 6,000 episodes of mass violence have occurred in India". "Communitarianism is evil just like corruption", notes the AICC, and both must be stopped with ad hoc legislative measures, which contravenes the campaigns of hatred and violence against minorities and marginalized communities, like Muslims, Christians, Dalits and tribal peoples.

Source: FIDES



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