Having stirred debate when he asked black American voters rhetorically in Wisconsin in the wake of the Milwaukee riots, “What the hell do you have to lose?”, while appealing for them to abandon the Democratic party and vote for him instead, Donald Trump is taking his message to the heart of Detroit with another such message.
Trump will be interviewed by Rev. Wayne T. Jackson on September 3 in front of the Great Faith Ministries congregation. The conversation will be broadcast on Impact Network, over which Jackson also presides. 
The swing through Detroit will mark the third visit Trump has made to Michigan, which trends to the Democratic party, since his elevation as the GOP nominee. Overall, black voters currently prefer his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton. According to the most recent Monmouth University poll, those who have a positive opinion of Trump only are 89 percent are white, 2 percent are black, 7 percent are Hispanic, and 2 percent are Asian or other race.
The program is entitled “Voice of the People.” According to a statement by Jackson, the interview is not intended as an endorsement or a rally. Hillary Clinton has been invited to appear at a later date. “During this televised event, we will address real issues facing our communities such as law and order, police and black citizens, Black Lives Matter, racism in 2016, economic empowerment, education and incarceration, just to name a few,” read the statement. Jackson said that Trump’s appearance is “very significant” for Impact Network, which was launched as an independent endeavour in Detroit.
Impact Network describes itself as the “fastest growing African-American founded Christian network,” which claims to have 50 million viewers. Televangelist Pastor Mark Burns, who has endorsed Trump’s candidacy, confirmed that Trump will address issues of relevance to black voters and that it will posit policies “that will impact minorities and the disenfranchised in our country.
Burns also said in his statement that viewers will see “the heart and compassion Mr. Trump has for all Americans, which includes minority communities whose votes have taken for granted for far too long.”



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