Award-winning investigative author Edwin Black will detail how IBM co-planned and co-organized the Holocaust, and other examples of corporate misconduct, in a series of eight major events in Seattle October 15-18, 2012. Black will be Voices of Humanity scholar-in-residence for the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center, addressing hundreds in a series of luncheons, seminars, and lectures.
Black has a track-record of riveting sessions documenting the conscious involvement of IBM in co-planning and co-organizing all six phases of Hitler's Holocaust: 1) identification; 2) exclusion; 3) confiscation; 4) ghettoization; 5) deportation and 6) even extermination. The infamous Auschwitz tattoo began as an IBM number.
IBM's genocide-for-profit record was first exposed in Black's international and New York Times best-selling book, IBM and the Holocaust, now with more than a million copies in print in 14 languages in 80 countries. Black has garnered numerous awards for the work and frequently speaks on the topic worldwide. Despite hundreds of requests, IBM has never denied the details of the book.
Newsweek called the book "explosive" and "stunning." The Washington Post's review proclaimed the book was "beyond dispute." Der Spiegel declared the work "devestating."
The author's Seattle scholar-in-residence visit is broadly sponsored by Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center, and cosponsored by the Washington State Bar Association, in association with the WSBAs International Practice section, the WSBA's World Peace Through Law section, and additionally cosponsored by Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Schulkin Rein PLLC, Pacific Lutheran University and the Cardozo Society of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.
Additional cosponsors include American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, the State of California Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance, The Auto Channel, History Network News, Spero Forum, the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, as well as Pierce College.
Black's eight-event series kicks off October 15, 2012 with a luncheon keynote, "How IBM Organized the Holocaust--Lessons Learned," sponsored by Verizon, for 500 attendees assembling in the Grand Ballroom of the Seattle Westin. After lunch, in an adjacent hall, Black will hold a Continuing Legal Education seminar for attorneys, "IBM, the Holocaust, and the Ethics of Technology," sponsored by the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center and cosponsored by the Washington State Bar Association, in association with two leading lawfirms, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, and Schulkin Rein PLLC, as well as Pacific Lutheran University and the Cardozo Society of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, in association the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.
On Tuesday, October 16, Black will deliver a luncheon lecture, "How IBM Organized the Holocaust," to the Holocaust program of Pacific Lutheran University. That night at 6:30 he will address the community at large in Seattle's largest synagogue, Temple De Hirsch Sinai.
The next day, October 17, Black will be the honorary speaker of the Roland Weis World War II History Lecture Series at Pierce College. In three back-to-back one-hour lectures, Black will delve into the research of several of his 10 bestsellers. At 9 am, he speaks on "American Eugenics--from Long Island to Auschwitz," based on the award-winning bestseller War Against the Weak--Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race; at 10 am "How IBM Organized the Holocaust--What the New Documentation Shows," based on the award-winning bestseller IBM and the Holocaust--The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation; at 11 am "The History of Oil Addiction and a Plan for Interruption," based on his three award-winning bestsellers devoted to oil, Internal Combustion-How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives, The Plan, and British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement. The author wraps up his scholar-in-residence with a lunch briefing for journalism students.
Black appears at hundreds of campus and community events annually. Within recent months, he has addressed three legislatures: the United States House of Representatives on eugenics, the North Carolina Legislature on eugenics, and the European Parliament on IBM's role in the Holocaust. For further information on Black's appearances, go here or



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