Tequila is reaching for its zenith of refinement and exclusivity as Patrón – the maker of Mexico’s premier Tequila brand – offers its finest in a unique container. Lalique – a French maker of crystal chandeliers, objets d’art, decanters and goblets – has joined with Patrón to offer a unique product that will set back customers at least $7,500.
Patrón describes its Lalique Serie 1 as its first-ever collaboration with the masters of French crystal.
Each bottle is actually a limited edition crystal decanter hand-made by Lalique master craftsmen. Inspired by the Weber Blue agave, a plant indigenous to Mexico, Lalique’s master artisans produced a design they etched on each decanter that references the plant from which tequila is produced. Mexico’s signature liqueur bears the name of a town in the state of Jalisco, southeast of Mexico City, where Mexicans have cultivated the agave plant for centuries. Besides the juice from which tequila is distilled, agave also produced fiber that is made into cordage and fabric.
The Lalique decanter is designed to resemble the shape of the "piña" - Spanish for pinecone and pineapple. When the sword-like leaves are cut off, what is left is the heart of the succulent agave plant. It is the juice expressed from the heart of the agave from which tequila is ultimately derived.
Specialized workers called 'jimadores' prepare the agave hearts for pressing
In much the same way, brandy made in France can only be called "Cognac" if it is produced in the region bearing that name. Just as in the Cognac region, in the region of Tequila, the makers of the eponymous liqueur have sought to make refinements over the centuries that produce increasingly high quality and delicious products.
A traditional agave press in Jalisco, Mexico
But it is what inside each decanter that will interest gourmands worldwide. Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1 features a breathtaking, exceptional blend of the oldest and rarest Patrón tequilas. Patrón hand-selects each one from Patrón’s barrel ageing room at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in the hills of Jalisco. The extra añejo tag means that the tequila is aged for at least four years in a combination of new American oak and new and used French oak barrels. The Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1 is limited to just 500 bottles worldwide. Patrón describes this special blend as the “pinnacle of the art of tequila making.”

Patrón En Lalique Serie 1 from Patrón Tequila on Vimeo.



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