At the White House on Wednesday, President Donald Trump hosted an Iftar dinner to mark the end of daylong fasting and in honor of the Muslim month known as Ramadan. During his remarks at the dinner, President Trump said, “To each of you and to the Muslims around the world, Ramadan Mubarak,” by which he extended the greetings shared by Muslims with each other around the world. “In gathering together this evening we honor a sacred tradition of one of the world’s great religions.”…

While Trump did not host an Iftar dinner at the White House last year, the White House has since restored the tradition that was started by Bill Clinton during the latter’s presidency. On Wednesday evening, Trump hailed what he called the “timeless message of peace, clarity, and love” that he said takes place during the month of Ramadan. He urged Americans to achieve those values.

During his remarks, Trump recalled his visit to Saudi Arabia as “one of the most fabulous times” so far in his presidency. “Let us pray for peace and justice and let us resolve that these values will guide us as we work together to build a bright and prosperous future that does honor and glory to God,” he said.

The White House issued 40 engraved invitations to the Iftar dinner, where various Muslim and political dignitaries were present. Among them was Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The Council on American Islamic Relations, which has been tied to Muslim terrorist groups in federal court filings, was not invited. CAIR held a counter-Iftar in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House. In an interview with Al Jazeera news, CAIR spokesman Robert McCaw said, “It’s really not a Muslim-American event. It goes to show that this administration is not willing to reach out to American Muslims.” CAIR has been critical of Trump in the past, especially with regard to immigration policies. 



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