Controversialist radio host Alex Jones got into a scuffle with leftist protesters in Cleveland on the second day of the Republican National Convention. As captured by Aubrey Whelan -- a Philadelphia-based journalist -- Jones is seen speaking through a bullhorn while seeking to communicate his message. Almost immediately, Jones was confronted by protesters shouting “Nazi scum, Nazi scum!” in his face. A tall man holding a red flag on a pole comes into view and starts shouting at Jones. Whelan was knocked down in the protest.
The scuffle ensued and a scrum of flailing and shouting people obscure Jones. Police were on hand and reportedly broke up the scuffle and pushed away the protesters. Jones, the founder of InfoWars, was then whisked away in a waiting SUV. According to The Hill, it was unclear which side actually started the confrontation. 
In a separate video, Jones recounted his version of events and said that a police chief grabbed his arms and conducted him away from the scrum. Jones said that while he was being removed, protesters were assaulting and punching officers around him. Some of the officers, “in Roman fashion” said Jones, pushed people aside with tactical bicycles. Jones claimed that protesters were throwing “buckets of urine and feces at police.”
In the InfoWars video, Jones introduced “Kevin” as an “off duty police officer” who was on the scene at the protest. The grizzled Kevin, a middle-aged white man wearing a black ball cap, described how “two gentlemen from the Communist party basically attacked Alex. Alex had to push them back and lost his balance.” Kevin also said that a protester reached over in an attempt to punch Jones. It was then that Kevin decided that it was time to leave. Saying it had become a “safety issue,” Kevin said that the situation had become “extremely volatile and dangerous.”
When Jones asked Kevin what he thought of the incident, Kevin answered that it was sad to see the protesters trampling the American flag, and their lack of respect for the freedom of speech and the sacrifices made to defend that right. Jones claimed that protesters were seen burning the American flag. Kevin said that he observed that Jones had only sought to defend himself before the state police on the scene took him to safety.

Anti-gun protesters were giving away and throwing tennis balls even though they were banned items during the outdoor protests. Some members of the Anonymous protest group concealed their faces with large scarves known as keffiyeh that are emblematic of Palestinian terrorists and protesters. 




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