New York City police officials claim that hate crime complaints have spiked over the last 100 days, particularly against Jews. They claim that the rise in the reports are connected to alleged bias and discrimination that was voiced during the during the 2016 election campaign. According to NYPD, 143 hate-crime complaints were received between November 8 and February 12: 42 percent more than during the same period last year.  Seventy-two of the post-election offenses targeted Jews, whereas there were registered 39 a year earlier.
Anti-semitic activity in New York reflects a trend in Europe and North America. For example, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated in St. Louis this month, and more than 50 bomb threats were made to Jewish community centers in 26 states over the last 60 days, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
NYPD deputy commissioner for public information Stephen Davis concluded that “the heated nature of the rhetoric on both sides" in the election were to blame.
On Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered a reward of $5,000 to anyone giving information to help arrest the perpetrators of hate crimes, and $25 million to religious schools to pay for security cameras and other protective measures. Extra state police have been deployed to investigate such incidents.
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio blamed President Trump’s rhetoric for inflaming ethnic hatred.
"No one should mince words about it," de Blasio said at a Feb. 17 news conference. "The horrible, hateful rhetoric that was used in this election by candidate Trump and by a lot of his supporters directly connects to an increase since the election in anti-Semitic incidents, anti-Muslim incidents, and anti-LGBT incidents."
Of 72 anti-semitic incidents registered in New York City since November 8, police classify 40 as criminal mischief such as Nazi graffiti on subways or buildings, 22 as aggravated harassment, four as assaults, and three as terroristic threats. There were 13 incidents directed at Muslims and 12 directed against black people. 



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