Psychologist Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto explained his recent video for Prager University in which he warned parents that their children are being "indoctrinated" by colleges and universities by professors who espouse ideas that are “academically suspect and ideologically possessed.”

“People are being taught by ideologues, not by educators. And ideologues have a very simple way of looking at the world, they reduce it to a few principles like inequality and unfairness and power, those would be the fundamental principles at the moment that are operating on the radical left, and they’re on an ideological campaign. And that’s increasingly the case in elementary, junior high and high schools as well, mostly because the faculties of education are full of people who are radical,” Peterson said.

Peterson explained, “Part of it’s still a hangover from the 1960’s, I would say, and perhaps even a bit of a hangover from the Cold War … we’re still sort of suffering from the aftermath of that ideological battle.” He then said that educators at most academic institutions are more interested in promoting their own ideological convictions rather than inculcating students with Western tradition. “You’ve got a fifth column of ideologues operating behind the scenes, and they spend almost all of their time engaged in political activism. And that’s not good for the university as a whole,” he added.

Peterson is the author of "12 Rules for Life" and "Maps of Meaning."




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