It's looking like the Swedish government is going to raise the age of retirement for Swedes in order to pay for its influx of Muslim migrants.

What the Swedes do not understand is that the relationship between Muslims and Kafirs is determined by Allah, not by Muslims and Kafirs. Allah hates the Kafir Swedes. The Koran says that Kafirs (non-Muslims) are lower than animals and can be deceived. There is no Golden Rule in Islam, only hating what Allah hates and loving what Allah loves.

Islamic doctrine considers the Kafirs' charity as a jizya tax from the Swedish dhimmis. According to Allah, the money is owed to Muslims because the Kafir is to submit to the Believer. The money is part of the submission process.

The Swedes believe in the multicultural ideal that all cultures are equal, but they are fools to think that their ethics are the same as those of Islam. When the Muslims become the ruling majority, the Swedes will learn the bitter truth, all cultures aren’t equal in Islam.



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