After voting in his adoptive hometown of Richmond, Virginia, the Democratic Party's vice-presidential candidate said today that winning the election boils down to convincing voters in four states. In an interview broadcast on ABC's "Good Morning America," Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that there are four "checkmate states" that he and Hillary Clinton are watching closely. 

"The ones we watch really close are checkmate states. Those are states where if we win, we know Hillary will be president. And I say this about North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio," Kaine said today. "I think if we win any of those four, Hillary will be president." He acknowledged that the race in the checkmate states will be close. Among the four states he mentioned, it was Michigan that was missing. Hillary Clinton made a final stop in Michigan on the eve of Election Day in the conservative west of the state. Former president Bill Clinton visited Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, and President Barack Obama was in Ann Arbor yesterday. A reporter and analyst for the Detroit News said that such a late-hour visit by the incumbent president may signal panic within the Democratic Party that Michgan -- which has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1992, might be in play.
Donald Trump wrapped up his campaign in Michigan and was joined by his running-mate, Gov. Mike Pence, making it his eighth visit to the state during this election cycle. Two of his children were also in the Mitten State yesterday.
Kaine said it is "troubling" that millions of his fellow Americans are voting for Trump nationwide. Referring to remarks made by Vice President Joseph Biden last night in Philadelphia about the issues that "drove the other side," Kaine admitted to reporters, "There are a number of people voting for Donald Trump because of the anxieties they have about the economy and we have folks voting for us with similar anxieties about the economy.”  
This morning on "Good Morning America," Kaine said he remains optimistic. "Democracy always works better the more people participate," Kaine said. "I just hope we see record turnout for what I believe is going to be a history-making election."



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