UPDATE - Nov. 18, 6:00am (eastern): Houston police confirmed that they have found Carl Conyers safely and interviewed him at 3:30am (eastern).  After being interviewed downtown by police, he was released to his family. Details at the moment are thin but his family reported that they are relieved he has been found safe. Spero News will continue to follow this story.
U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) admitted today that he is "very worried" about his son, Carl, who remains missing after disappearing on November 15 from his apartment near the University of Houston. Congressman Conyers, a veteran politician of many years and of the Civil Rights era from Michigan, said that the FBI has been notified of his son’s disappearance. "I'm very worried. It's very unlike him. He's a very stable young guy."
Carl Conyers, who was attending the University of Houston, was reportedly last seen by his roommate on the afternoon of November 15 on the 3700 block of Southmore in Houston. According to Houston Police Department information officer Kese Smith, "We are working with the FBI and the Secret Service, and there is also an outside, private organization called Equusearch." Smith added, "They've been contacted and they'll be lending their assistance to help canvas the area." The Secret Service is also involved because of the missing young man is the son of a sitting Congressman.
According to ABC 13, the Conyers disappeared near Texas Southern University -- a historically black institution -- even though he was a student at University of Houston. Conyers vehicle is still at the apartment he shared with his roomate, Chet Ball.
Equusearch is a Texas-based nonprofit created in 2000 to aid in missing-persons cases. The organization frequently finds bodies in ditches, vacant fields, and rural areas. At least 50% of murder cases in Houston go unsolved.
The Houston Police Department has released a missing-persons flier that describes Conyers as  6-feet tall and weighing about 145 pounds. Conyers is described as having a light-brown complexion, black hair, and brown eyes. In a photograph released by the police, young Conyers is shown having facial hair. However, he had shaved recently.
University of Houston police have confirmed Conyers is a sophomore student at the Texas institution. His LinkedIn account shows that he is studying at the C.T. Bauer School of Business.. "Certainly the university and the university police department are cooperating with (the Houston Police Department) and (Conyers') family," spokesman Mike Rosen said. The University of Houston is a public institution.
Daisha Lewis, who Click2Houston identified as a girlfriend, said that he was last seen entering his bedroom and closing the door behind him. When Lewis returned to the room on the morning of November 16, she found it in disarray. There was a backpack full of clothing there. Conyer’s cellphone and a envelope of family pictures were also left behind. 
Conyers currently works as a Student Program Coordinator at the university. At the Fort Bend County Commissioner’s office, he worked as Communications manager in 2015, and interned at the Law Media Group and the Inner Door Center in 2014. He graduated from Cranbrook School -- a private school located in the suburbs of Detroit from which also graduated failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
U.S. Rep. John J. Conyers (D-MI)
Carl is the son of John Conyers. The elder Conyers is the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, having been first elected to the black majority 13th Congressional District of Michigan in 1965, covering parts of Detroit. Carl’s mother is Monica Conyers. A former member of the Detroit City Council, she served 37 months in prison after pleading guilty to accepting bribes. Congressman Conyers and his wife are estranged. 
Carl Conyers infrequently posted on Facebook. His last entry was on November 7, where he wrote: "Check me out in my first album review!"  On November 6, young Conyers posted his thanks for birthday greetings he had received. On November 16, Jeannie Wonders posted to his Facebook account: "Carl, call me."



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