The YouTube video platform, which is owned by Google, is adding so-called “fact checks” on videos produced by climate change skeptics In its supposed effort at “combating scientific misinformation,” YouTube is adding Wikipedia entries at the bottom of the videos. Wikipedia, while it is widely used by media and the public, is not considered to be an authoritative source of scientific material. According to the online compendium of information, “Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any moment.” Wikipedia was not aware that YouTube was using its content for fact checks. On Wikipedia and various media platforms, advocates of the point of view that global warming is man-made claim that 97 percent of climate scientists agree with them. 

In a video released by CNN, in which Climate Depot founder Marc Morano debated television personality Bill Nye “The Science Guy” on the issue of climate change with show host CNN Piers Morgan, YouTube placed a “fact check at the bottom. A blurb about the “realities of global warming” appeared on the bottom of the screen. Apparently choosing sides in the debate, YouTube used the following sentence from Wikipedia: “Multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”

Morano released a video on Facebook in late July in which he threw cold water on three essential premises of those who support the global warming point of view. The leftist Guardian newspaper of the UK referred to it as “Morano’s misinformation video. [Ed. note: see second video below] The newspaper called on Facebook to “come to terms with the fact that there is an objective reality” with regard to the climate change debate. “Even if Marc Morano sincerely believes humans aren’t causing global warming, that belief is false,” the Guardian article declared, “and by continuing to host his myth-filled video, Facebook is misinforming tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of its users.”

In an email response to Spero News, Morano noted that in his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” he has a chapter on what he terms is the “97 percent con.” He told Spero News that climate activists are trying to force Facebook and similar social media platforms to ban views that “don't line up with Al Gore or the United Nations. Science does not progress by censorship or banning." 

Another video that has run afoul of social media referees featured climate scientist Richard Linzen of PragerU. It also had a Wikipedia “fact check” about global warming placed at the bottom.

Google and YouTube have frequently been criticized by free-speech advocates for banning certain content producers such as Alex Jones, the founder of PrisonPlanet and InfoWars.

Richard Linzen of PragerU




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