Dana Loesch -- a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association -- admitted on Sunday that is is preparing to move out of her home f"due to repeated threats from gun control advocates." In a series of posts on Twitter, Loesch -- an outspoken advocate of Second Amendment rights -- described some recent threats she has received. Explaining that she had spent the October 14-15 weekend “preparing to move due to repeated threats from gun control advocates,” she tweeted someone had “hunted down” her private cellphone number and called her while police were at her home, threatening to “shoot me in my front yard."

The threats, and Loesch’s responses, came in the context of the current media focus on Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein and the multiple accusations of sexual harassment being laid against him by women, many of whom are prominent movie actresses.

She wrote that photos of her home were posted online by someone who "threatened to rape me to death." The threats have not been limited to Loesch herself. She tweeted on Sunday, “Another gun control advocate, after threatening to hunt me down and assault me, dragged my kids into it.” She added the hashtag #MeToo, which is being used to encourage women to report sexual harassment and abuse. "I’m grateful that my kids’ school worked with law enforcement and private security to ensure campus safety, and work with me," she wrote.

Loesch noted there were some threats that she still "can’t discuss." She wrote: “I’ve only ever discussed these issues kinda vaguely. More I can’t discuss. I and other 2A women are sexually threatened regularly #MeToo.”

“Maybe someday people will drop the ideological boundaries and not cherry-pick concern. Maybe someday,” Loesch wrote. She wrote that she and other women who support Second Amendment rights are regularly subjected to sexual threats. “When you think of it, it’s amazing/sad to see the treatment of women on social media who do not identify as progressive.” She wrote that a double-standard applies to women who do not fall into the liberal or progressive camps. “I see conservative women regularly abused on social media by some of the same people slamming Weinstein.”

In a wrap-up, Loesch wrote, "Maybe now you understand why I believe all women have the right to defend themselves with the Second Amendment and expand their skills with training."

In a recent segment of Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Loesch called out "Saturday Night Live" actors who ridiculed gun owners in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. Loesch said that they "lack the courage of their own convictions." She pointed out that anti-gun celebrities often have armed security guards to protect them. "Why don't you give up the firearms that your private security is holding?" she said. "You're not being more virtuous just because you're paying someone else to carry it. You're outsourcing it because you lack the courage of your own convictions."



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