One of the most seasoned pro-marijuana activists in the political world has created a super PAC with one goal this November: to unseat notoriously anti-pot Rep. Pete Sessions.

Sessions, the House Rules Committee chairman from Texas’ 32nd District, has for years blocked bipartisan legislation in the House to protect state-sanctioned medical marijuana vendors from federal crackdown, not letting it out of committee for a floor vote.

According to one of the top lobbyists for legal marijuana, Rob Kampia, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) can be compared to an elastic bit of human anatomy. “I’d bet all my money that we could legalize medical marijuana but for Sessions,” Kampia told the Washington Examiner. “[Sessions] is in fact what I call a sphincter who is constipating the process. ... The reason we haven’t won is just process; it’s not content.”

Kampia is the founder of a super PAC bearing the name “Texans Removing Outdated and Unresponsive Politicians.” Kampia told the paper that he plans to end the career of the 11-term Republican with $500,000 that he has yet to raise. Saying that Sessions is his biggest hurdle in Congress, Kampia said, “Half of my job has already been done by Pete Sessions himself. All I’m going to do is pass the hat.”

Kampia will back the Libertarian candidate for Sessions’s seat, Melina Baker. Kampia is the former leader of the Marijuana Policy Project. He is willing to provide funds to the Democrat who wins the May 22 primary runoff — Collin Allred or Lillian Salerno — whether or not either of them holds to a pro-cannabis policy. Kampia said that it does not matter if either Democrat supports a pro-weed position because “...we just need [Sessions] out,” Kampia said. The 32nd District is so solidly conservative that Democrats did not offer a candidate in 2016. But because Hillary Clinton carried the district by 2 points over Donald Trump that year, Democrats are focusing on the race. 

Sessions is currently the chairman of the House Rules Committee and is a former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He is the son of former FBI Director Williams Sessions.



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