Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges, after much dithering, finally decided to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Allied with Gov. John Kasich, a Trump critic, Borges remained vocal over his frustrations with Trump’s rhetoric even while assisting the New Yorker set up in Ohio. In an email to party insiders, obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer, Borges wrote: "I will be supporting a straight Republican ticket — starting with Donald Trump for President," he wrote in an email to Ohio Republican insiders, which was obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer. "A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for our country."
Later, in a statement to the newspaper, Borges said that it had taken some time to consider Trump’s candidacy. “In all my interactions with (Donald Trump), it appears he's been honest with me, which is something I know Hillary is incapable of,” Borges wrote. He added, “The prospect of her winning is just unacceptable to me."
Currently, swing-state Ohio is where Clinton and Trump are neck and neck.  Borges said he has not spoken with Trump recently but added that he has counseled the billionaire on his rhetoric and to avoid run-ins with Buckeye Republicans. According to The Inquirer, Borges sees another side to Trump. "He's listened. He's taken advice. I haven't agreed with everything he's said, and I've said so — even to him," Borges said. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls for Ohio, Trump is slightly ahead of Clinton by 0.6 percent.



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