On “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon reprised her role as President Donald Trump’s counsel  Kellyanne Conway on February 11. Inspired by the 1987 thriller, “Fatal Attraction,” about a crazed woman who terrorizes a family member after a failed affair, McKinnon represents Conway wearing a flimsy nightgown and surprising CNN anchor Jake Tapper, played by SNL regular Beck Bennett, in his apartment after he rejected her availability for an interview on his show.
McKinnon first tries to seduce Bennett, saying  "I wanna get mic'd. I wanna feel that hot, black mic pressed against my skin," but then issues threats while waving a knife at him. “Fine, I'll do something else. I'll do something really crazy," McKinnon-as-Conway warned. "What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka's shoes live on air?" Then she throws a knife at him, barely missing.
Visibly shaken, Bennett-as-Tapper agrees to offer McKinnon an appearance on Fareed Zakaria's show. McKinnon answers, "Fareed Zakaria? I have an office in the fucking White House."  Bennett finally acquiesces and offers McKinnon a spot on his show again. McKinnon-as-Conway brags in the end, "I'm Kellyanne Conway and I always get my Kellyanne Con-way" but then falls out of Bennett’s window. Surviving, however, she uses up just one of her lives in the fall.
The real Conway showed a sense of humor. Conway tweeted on February 12 that she and the real Jake Tapper had spoken that morning. She denied boiling bunny rabbits or having a grudge against Tapper. She tweeted that she and Tapper “spoke this morning just before brunch time,” and “No boiling bunnies on the menu.”
As for Tapper, he was laconic about the SNL skit, saying “Um.”



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