A gay Republican political activist, who works with Act! America -- an advocacy group based in Washington DC -- was scheduled to speak about Muslim sharia law, the immigration crisis, and President Trump’s immigration policies, but his appearance was temporarily cancelled by school officials. According to Scott Ryan Presler, who works with terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel, his talk was opposed by Muslim students at Woodson High School in suburban Virginia.

In a video he shared on Facebook, Presler read from a letter that he said that the high school principal received that protested his scheduled presentation to the Woodson High School Republican club. Quoting the letter, Presler said that some students had “concerns” about his after-hours appearance on the high school campus, having been invited by a Republican student group.

The letter read, “While the concerns are in now way related to his sexuality,” the letter said his “Gays for Trump” platform is allegedly “rooted in dangerous misconceptions about Islam, and have made the Muslim community at Woodson, as well as other student minorities, fearful of his message.” The letter, according to Presler, stated that he spreads misconeptions about sharia law, which it said, defends “freedom and justice.” Presler said he acknowledged his homosexual identity in the wake of the 2016 Muslim terrorist attack on a gay-oriented nightclub in Orlando that caused 49 deaths.

He quoted an article in the Washington Post that noted the many Muslim countries where homosexual acts are punishable by death as evidence of the threat posed to the United States by radical Islam. Citing the value of the right to free speech, as guaranteed in the Constitution, and that Muslim “blasphemy” laws are being observed in Europe, he said, “I don’t want blasphemy laws to come to America.“ His Facebook video received multiple messages of support following its release. In a subsequent message, Presler wrote that the principal of the school has contacted him to say that he is now welcome to speak there.


A gay activist's free speech silenced at a public school because Muslims complained to the principal. Attack on #FreeSpeech UPDATE: The Principal of Woodson High School called me and I am invited back to speak. 2/28/17 -srp

Posted by Scott Ryan Presler on Monday, February 27, 2017



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