Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned apparent censorship on the part of Google, which also owns YouTube, of content with which the corporate giant and its advertisers happen to dislike. Carlson said on Thursday, "Google seems to be letting politics dictate who is allowed to make money from their platform." Numerous alternative news websites and independent journalists, including Spero News, have complained that their content has been demonetized by YouTube or otherwise minimized in Google internet searches.

For years, Google has encouraged people to use their platform to share their videos. Many people have discovered success and were able to make a living makein Independent videos on the platform. 

Talk show host Dave Rubin claimed that YouTube has demonetized his videos. Rubin told Carlson, "It appears at least that there's some pretty shady stuff going on."

For its part, Google released a statement claiming that 90 percent of Rubin's videos remain monetized while those that were effectively censored contained adult topics, which some advertisers found objectionable. Rubin disputed this in the interview, saying that episodes of his "Larry King-esque" show were demonetized despite having no adult content.

"Unfortunately the lack of transparency there, it took me about two years to get on the phone with them," Rubin said. "I finally did about two weeks ago and didn't really get any answers."

Rubin told Carlson that others whose videos have been demonetized by Google and YouTube are Catholic Bishop Robert Barron, Muslim dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali, pro-Trump activist Brigitte Gabriel, the pro-Trump duo known as Diamond & Silk, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, and Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson. In contrast, Spero News noted that nearly all of the videos produced by The Young Turks -- a leftist media source -- remain monetized.

In August, when Spero News produced a video report on an exchange between author Ann Coulter and Young Turk Ana Kasparian, YouTube demonetized the video. However, The Young Turks’ coverage of the same event retained advertisers. See video above.

Journalist Tim Poole was another independent newsman who faces demonetization. 

"It sounds ominous," Tucker said. "Somebody needs to keep track of what Google is doing."



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