Don Rosenberg, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant, has released a video in which he condemns politicians, such as Gov. Jerry Brown (D), for the sanctuary cities that fail to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities to detain illegal immigrants. In the new ad, he directs fire at sanctuary cities everywhere.
Six years ago, Roberto Galo hit and killed Rosenberg’s son, Drew, who was riding a motorcycle on his way home from law school.  Referring to other cases of Californians who have lost their lives to illegal immigrants, he said on the video; “Imagine if Kate had been your daughter, Jameel or Drew, your son.” Rosenberg says in the new TV ad “…all three killed by people who entered our country illegally, people shielded from immigration law by California’s sanctuary cities.”
Rosenberg says in the ad, “California should be a sanctuary, for Californians.” The ad urges Gov. Jerry Brown to not sign a bill that would make California a sanctuary state. It also calls on President Donald Trump to de-fund cities and other jurisdictions that have been designated “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants. If California goes through with its sanctuary jurisdiction, it could cost the Golden State many millions of federal dollars in funding for law enforcement, for example.

Rosenberg’s ad went on air this week and will continue through June. John Cote, a spokesperson for the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, declared in a statement said in a statement, “This ad perpetuates the false notion that sanctuary cities harbor criminals. The federal government actually gets the fingerprints of everyone in San Francisco’s jails…They know who we are holding. If they think someone is dangerous, all they need to do is get a criminal warrant or court order.”



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