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Myanmar: Thailand: PIME missionary in Thailand: Buddhists have helped me better understand Christianity

With the book "Thanks to my Buddhist friends," Fr. Angelo Campagnoli (PIME) speaks of 52 years of priesthood among Buddhists of Myanmar and Thailand. Interreligious dialogue is not a comparison of religious beliefs and the truth of what to believe, but a mutual understanding and the story of shared ...


China: Hu Jintao’s cultural war against the West (and Christianity)

China’s president, who also heads the Communist Party, rails against “hostile” powers who want to “westernise” and divide the country. The struggle includes opposition to Christian “cultural infiltrations” since christianity is viewed as the “essence of Western culture”. Thus, media controls must ...


Vatican: PEACE 2012 Without God there is no peace. The end of relativism and the Christianity of "values"

In his Message for World Day of Peace 2012, Benedict XVI places the foundations for a new "earthly city" and a new social pact. The current crisis – in the economic sphere - first of all is rooted in a "cultural anthropology". Defeating relativism with the search for truth. The forgetfulness of ...


India: VHP leader calls for decapitation of those who convert Hindus to Christianity

Praveen Togadia, secretary general of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), has called for a new constitution. “Such attempts fuel social tensions for the sake of political and economic power,” says Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians.