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Spero News is generating over 200k views per month from over 100k unique visitors and RSS and email subscribers. We have a targeted audience of educated influencers based mainly in the United States: entrepreneurs, professionals, administrators, and interested consumers. If you have a product or service to showcase to increase your branding awareness, Spero News is the place to do it.

Spero News offers permanent monthly sponsorships across all Spero News pages.

Spero News Sponsors

Spero News is currently offering six premium sponsorship ad units, served in the top right area of every Spero News page. These sponsors are important to us and we look for products and services that we feel would be relevant to our targeted and influential audience. These ads are priced on a weekly basis for a permanent ad spot.

Ad Specs:

  • 125 by 125 pixel size (if space is available, you may increase the size)
  • Preferably the company or product logo
  • Will link back to the company product page
  • No animations (simple ads)

Pricing for each of the six ad units is currently $100 per week, which translates to a very low CPM We can also help you to design the ad.

If you are interested in securing a premium sponsorship on Spero News as an advertiser please contact us.

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