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Alex Jones of InfoWars says Glenn Beck is 'super feminine'
Wednesday, December 07, 2016
by Martin Barillas
Alex Jones, who hosts InfoWars, asked rhetorically today, "Why is Glenn Beck out to get me? Why is he always attacking me, starting like 10 years ago?" This came on the day after Glenn Beck of The Blaze called Jones a “madman.”
Jones appeared to at first wonder if Beck is homosexual, only to retract the statement. Jones said that he and Beck were acquainted some years ago. He said, “Glenn Beck would put on makeup, he’d, like, candybutt around.” “I’m not against gay people, and I’m not saying he’s gay,” he continued. “But let me just tell ya, the guy is super feminine, super nelly.”
“Of course, I know nelly guys who get more women than Errol Flynn, and will beat your ass too. It’s just the way he walks like a woman behind the scenes and waves his arms like this,” Jones said, mimicking prancing again. “Maybe his mom raised him, I don’t know.”

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