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TV 'Homeland' series infiltrated by pro-Muslim activists
Sunday, October 25, 2015
by Martin Barillas
A group of artists have managed to insert their work into the award-winning Showtime television series, Homeland, in ways that were perhaps not anticipated by the director and producer of the show. Produced for Fox 21 by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, the show is based on an Israeli television series “Hatufim”, which translated into English means “Prisoners of War."
Homeland is racist
Artists Heba Amin, Caram Kapp, and Stone are the artists who managed to insert messages into the show that supported the contentions among some observers that Homeland is “TV’s most Islamophobic show.” Among the messages they inserted as graffiti appearing on the various sets and locations used were: “#blacklivesmatter, “Homeland is a joke, and it didn’t make us laugh”, and “Homeland is Racist.” The trio call themselves collectively The Arabian Street Artists and write:
At the beginning of June 2015, we received a phone call from a friend who has been active in the Graffiti and Street art scene in Germany for the past 30 years and has researched graffiti in the Middle East extensively. He had been contacted by “Homeland’s” set production company who were looking for “Arabian street artists” to lend graffiti authenticity to a film set of a Syrian refugee camp on the Lebanese/Syrian border for their new season.
Given the series’ reputation we were not easily convinced, until we considered what a moment of intervention could relay about our own and many others’ political discontent with the series. It was our moment to make our point by subverting the message using the show itself.
Black Lives Matter
According to their website, "The series has garnered the reputation of being the most bigoted show on television for its inaccurate, undifferentiated and highly biased depication of Arabs, Pakistanis, and Afghans, as well as its gross misrepresentations of the cities of Beirut, Islamabgad and the so--called Muslim world in general."
They complain that Homeland maintains a "dichotomy of photogenic, mainly white, mostly American protector versus the evil and backwards Muslim threat."
However, they credited the series for good performances.

Spero News writer Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. His first novel 'Shaken Earth', is available at Amazon.

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