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New Muslim stabber in France
Friday, August 19, 2016
by Martin Barillas
A Jewish man of the Hasidic sect was stabbed today in Strasbourg, in eastern France. The Muslim attacker cried “Allah akbar!” as he perpetrated the crime. 
Hatzalah emergency responders were called to the scene and treated the wounded man. According to local media, he was stabbed in the abdomen. EMTs transferred him to a local hospital. The victim has been identified in some media as a rabbi.
French police believe that the attack was inspired by anti-Semitism. The attacker is under arrest and is being questioned. Other reports say that police are claiming that the assailant has a history of mental issues, as has been claimed in other cases of Muslim mayhem. His identified has not been announced.
Tensions are high in France after a series of Muslim terrorist attacks in several parts of the country. A Muslim terrorist mowed down scores of people by running them over with a truck on Bastille Day in the Mediterranean city of Nice. Later, a Catholic priest was murdered in a church during the celebration of Mass in Normandy. This is on top of attacks in Paris last year where dozens were murdered in bombings and machine gun attacks by Muslims.
The secularist government of France is seeking to cope with terror and extremism inspired by Islam. Muslims have denounced government bans on the wearing of hijab by Muslim girls and women in schools and government institutions, for instance. In Paris, Muslims have defied other bans on outward displays of religion by holding prayer services on the streets, complaining that they do not have enough mosques. At the seashore community of Cannes, where women are known to frequent its famous beaches wearing nothing at all, the mayor has banned the wearing of so-called "burkinis": a lightweight garment that covers womens' bodies completely. Civil libertarians have joined Muslims in denouncing the ban because they believe women should have the option of being covered up or going nude. At least three other French cities have announced that they may follow Cannes' suit.
French police indicate the knifeman has a history of psychiatric problems, though his identity has not been released.
Strasbourg and environs are populated by about 15,000 Jews, or approximately five percent of the total Jewish population in France. Muslims account for about 4.7 million of the total population of France, which is about 66 million.
The Strasbourg Muslim stabber's modus operandi bears hallmarks of other such stabbing attacks. Muslims have waged similar attacks in Israel for instance, while in Germany last month, a Muslim of Iranian origin carried out several stabbings and shootings near a McDonald's restaurant to which he had lured children. In another such attack in Germany, a Muslim hacked several members of a vacationing family to death with a knife and an axe.

Spero News writer Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. His first novel 'Shaken Earth', is available at Amazon.

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