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Tucker Carlson: Democrats push for non-citizen voters to create one-party state
Fox News Channelís Tucker Carlson said this week that reported instances of voter fraud in Texas dovetail with liberal immigration policies adv ...
Friday, March 09, 2018
by Martin Barillas

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson said this week that reported instances of voter fraud in Texas dovetail with liberal immigration policies advocated by Democrats. “Long term,” Carlson said, “Texas is their top priority and it is easy to see why. Texas is a huge state. It’s the biggest state that votes Republican. "If Texas goes blue, it's over," Carlson said while saying that the Republican Party cannot win the presidency without the Lone Star State. “America would then be a one-party state for a generation at least or maybe longer, given the left’s growing intolerance for anything that resembles public dissent.”

With such high stakes, Carlson asked, “What wouldn’t Democrats do in order to win? Why wouldn’t they encourage non-citizens to vote?” Voter registration in Texas, he said, is on the “honor system” as in other states.

While in other states, Carlson said, Democrats are already encouraging non-citizen voters, “But in Texas, it would make all the difference, Carlson said. “Texas has the second highest percentage of non-citizens in America, after California. There are 3 million non-citizens in the state [Texas], overall. For perspective, Hillary Clinton lost Texas by only 800,000 votes. You do the math. The temptation is there, it's overwhelming. So, what actually stops non-citizens from voting in Texas? Good question. Not much.”

Pointing to a study of four of the state's 254 counties, Carlson said that it concluded that hundreds of illegal votes were cast by non-citizens registered to cast ballots.

"Voter fraud benefits them," Carlson said of Democrats. “This is what foreign interference actually looks like in an election."Carlson said Democrats fight voter identification laws and push for amnesty in order to make their "scheme" legal. He said, “This is what foreign interference actually looks like an election. Democrats are openly pushing it. When they aren't making it easier for illegal immigrants to register to vote, they are fighting efforts to identify fraudulent voters. Then, they're demanding outright amnesty would make the whole scheme legal if it passed. Republicans are helping them with that, for some reason.”

Carlson went on to say, “A brand new electorate from a different foreign country, that's what they want. Vladimir Putin was never that ambitious, by the way.”

Carlson interviewed J. Christian Adams -- president and general counsel of the Public Interest Law Center. When Carlson asked why Texas is not working to stop non-citizen voting, Adams said that leftists and groups such as the ACLU in league with high-priced international law firms, such as Dechert LLP, are litigating against voter identification efforts. In Kansas, these organizations are challenging citizen verification of voters. “Americans should be electing American officials, not foreigners. In Texas, we asked for voter roll cancellations of non-citizens in Harris County, which is Houston, and Bexar County, which is San Antonio. We have a right to that information under federal law. Those two counties are stonewalling us and not letting us see the data.” Adams said, however, that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is “doing a good job” in seeking out non-citizens on voter rolls. Texas, Adams said, may institute requirements for voters to positively identify themselves as citizens.

Moreover, Adams said that opponents of efforts to identify non-citizens are called “racist,” as revealed in court proceeding filed by his opponents. Carlson responded that African-Americans' vote has been diluted because of non-citizen voters despite having been in the U.S. “for hundreds of years."

Carlson said, "And if anybody, they have a right to representation, and their vote is becoming irrelevant because of this.” He asked Adams, “Does the Congressional Black Caucus speak up about this?” Adams answered, “No, and that’s what’s happening with the Los Angeles City Council, as a matter of fact. African-Americans do not have as many seats because of non-citizen Hispanics being counted.”

In May 2017, Adams told Carlson that his organization had found 5,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Virginia in another investigation.

Spero News writer Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. His first novel 'Shaken Earth', is available at Amazon.

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