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American Life League video exposes (ahem) Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood's coarse and graphic materials indicate an ideology of sex that is uprooted from any moral values whatsoever.
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
by Stephanie Block

I’m not sure I can recommend that you click the link (here) and watch the video prepared by American Life League (ALL) about Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs – but, if you don’t watch, you won’t have any idea the depth of depravity under discussion.
Sure, it can be delicately described and the reader will be left wondering what the problem is.  After all, isn’t sex a natural, normal part of life?  When they’re at the appropriate age, don’t kids need to know “the facts?”
The trouble is, which “facts” are being used to educate this country’s children?  Are they that men and women are wonderfully and distinctly made or are they that sexual organs are like junk food, frivolous objects of self-pleasuring?  Those are two rather disparate positions and, until you have seen what the ALL has seen and then shows, you really can’t appreciate how disparate they are.

In fact, Planned Parenthood’s materials are so coarse and graphic – as sexuality that has been divorced from moral values invariable becomes – that ALL asserts that Planned Parenthood fosters sexual experimentation as a “gateway drug.”   Its “education” materials are calculated to create and exploit sexual urges in children, initially promoting masturbation, heaving petting, and anal sex…and later affirming the child’s “right” to all sexual experiences, without constraint of any sort.  That is to say, sexual activity is encouraged in order to create addicts who will provide Planned Parenthood with a steady stream of clientele seeking a variety of products, including abortion.

Surely, this is a prudish exaggeration.  

 I wish it were and if I had only heard someone describe Planned Parenthood’s materials, I’d be tempted to think the same.  I would reason that even if Planned Parenthood is as utterly debased as ALL claims, surely no teacher would permit these materials in a classroom.  Yet, the sad truth is that teachers do.

 So, let’s leave it at this: if you are already persuaded that Planned Parenthood needs to be stopped, visit Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) at www.stopp.org.

 If, however, you’re on the fence, thinking that perhaps Planned Parenthood means well and is being maligned, here’s the link for the ALL video report, “Hooking Kids on Sex:” .  I apologize for it but, if you don’t watch, there will be no one to step between Planned Parenthood and our children.   


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