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Articles from the past 90 days

The 'RAISE' Act: merit-based immigration explained

Sep 18, 2017 | Alex Reilly, Kevin Johnson, Mireille Paquet
Kevin Johnson – University of California, Davis, United States: The RAISE Act would drastically reshape American immigration. It will also l ...

Progressives denounce distinguished professor's touting of 'bourgeois' values

Sep 18, 2017 | Martin Barillas
A distinguished University of Pennsylvania law professor has been denounced by her colleagues in an open letter.  Nearly half of the faculty mem ...

Democrat Feinstein insists on religion test for Trump judicial nominee

Sep 18, 2017 | Martin Barillas
Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) sought to defend her grilling of a Trump administration judic ...

Social networking site Gab sues Google over free speech

Sep 18, 2017 | Martin Barillas
The social network known as Gab has filed a lawsuit against Google for removing it from Play, the Android app store offered by the corporate giant. G ...

Murder in Mexico: Netflix film scout killed in narco country

Sep 18, 2017 | Anonymous User
The bullet-riddled corpse of Carlos Muñoz Portal was found on a dirt road outside of a town known as Temascalapa, near Mexico City in the surr ...

Hold on: Here comes the DREAM Act

Sep 18, 2017 | Dan Stein

The best-kept secret about avoiding poverty

Sep 18, 2017 | Carolyn Moynihan

Global herpes outbreak threatens U.S.

Sep 17, 2017 | Martin Barillas
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