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Articles from the past 90 days

American oil lights the flame of freedom

Nov 16, 2017 | Martin Barillas
According to a report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Tuesday, the growth of energy production in the United States is expected ...

Sean Hannity satisfied by Roy Moore's explanations

Nov 16, 2017 | Martin Barillas
Without giving away details, I have gotten an answer from the Roy Moore campaign on the questions that I had," said Fox New Channel's...

The sins of tech companies

Nov 16, 2017 | Alvin Munene
This is an age where we depend on tech heavily. Concerns over the Obama administration's alleged abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance c ...

Martin Buber award goes to Shay Cullen for defending children

Nov 16, 2017 | Shay Cullen
There is a massive and positive change in the level of public awareness, knowledge and commitment to challenge, confront and expose the sexual harass ...

Texans with gun licenses have lower murder conviction rate than Britons

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
Over a million people in Texas are licensed to carry a firearm. Texas, which is where a crazed gunman, Devin Patrick Kelley, shot 26 people to death ...

Mattel now offers Hijab Barbie to little girls

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
The first hijab-wearing Barbie doll has been released in honor of a Muslim woman who was the first Muslim to wear Islamic headgear while competing as ...

Trump administration shows wage gains for blue-collar workers

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
The economic policy of the Trump administration appears to be bearing fruit for working class household in the nation. According to Bureau of Labor s ...

Sentencing of Russian conspirator may lead one step closer to Hillary Clinton

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
New Jersey businessman Boris Rubizhevksky, 67, was sentenced to a year and one day in prison after being found guilty of money laundering in connecti ...

Police arrest actor and his grandma over missing teen girl

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
Bit actor Nathan Elsey, 19, was arrested in connection to the disappearance of Gaia Pope from the Isle of Purbeck, a 19-year-old woman who has been m ...

A Democrats split on impeaching Trump

Nov 15, 2017 | Martin Barillas
Six progressive Democrat introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, asserting on Wednesday that the commander in chief has vi ...
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