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Articles from the past 90 days

What Latinos really think about immigration

Dec 6, 2018 | Matthew Tragesser
Despite the notion that Hispanics in the United States should support lax immigration enforcement and  open borders, recent midterm exit polling ...

Immigration advocates should know that Christmas is not about taking

Dec 6, 2018 | Bob Dane
Immigration enthusiasts love to tout the entrepreneurial success stories of a few world-class newcomers who become millionaires in America. Good for ...

IMF chief predicts 'dystopian' future for Trump's trade policy

Dec 5, 2018 | Martin Barillas
International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde was interviewed on Tuesday for an event at the Library of Congress and said that more ...

Star Parker: What's right about America

Dec 5, 2018 | Star Parker
Amid this holiday season of reflection, I am thinking about America's future. A new poll from Gallup serves up some sobering data regarding ...

Congressional Democrat admits why her party doesn't connect with Americans

Dec 5, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) explained on Tuesday why Democrats find it difficult to animate their grassroots supporters about the Supreme Court. The ...

Christian Wheaton College smears black pro-life speaker

Dec 5, 2018 | Ryan Bomberger
For Christ and His Kingdom. That’s the motto featured prominently throughout Wheaton College. But what happens when it’s not about Chr ...

Larry Elder: On immigration, has Hillary Clinton discovered her inner Trump?

Dec 5, 2018 | Larry Elder
If President Donald Trump were paid a dime every time critics call his anti-illegal immigration policy "racist," he'd double his ne ...

Walter Williams: are Americans misinformed or stupid about leftists?

Dec 5, 2018 | Walter Williams
A recent Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation survey found that 51 percent of American millennials would rather live in a socialist or commu ...

Evidence of perfume at Armageddon could change history

Dec 4, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Three jars dating some 3,600 years in the past were found in Israel at the ancient city of Meggido, the site where the Bible predicts will witness th ...

Fate of Trump ally depends on Supreme Court decision

Dec 4, 2018 | Martin Barillas
On Fox News' "Fox & Friends," Andrew Napolitano said on Tuesday that a forthcoming decision by the Supreme Court decision on th ...

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