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Articles from the past 90 days

Elizabeth Warren attacks Fox News viewers in presidential announcement video

Dec 31, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced today in a video on YouTube that she will run for President in 2020. In a video with background music, W ...

John Mancino: Theme park sued because signs only use English

Dec 31, 2018 | John Mancino
More political correctness taking our country away from its founding fathers' intentions. Recently it was learned that a lawsuit was brought i ...

Police: Two MS-13 gang members 'assassinate' 16-year-old boy in Houston

Dec 28, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
According to court documents, two MS-13 gang members are accused of killing a 16-year-old boy who was "just walking down the street" in Hou ...

Bill Donohue: Democrats religiously and sexually profile judicial nominee

Dec 28, 2018 | William Donohue
Senators Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono have raised questions regarding the suitability of Brian C. Buescher to be seated as a federal district judge ...

Pat Buchanan: Inside the danger facing Democrats in 2020

Dec 28, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
If Democrats are optimistic as 2019 begins, it is understandable. Their victory on Nov. 6, adding 40 seats and taking control of the House of Repr ...

Kamala Harris places trigger warning on email about lynching

Dec 27, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
Kamala Harris, a front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2020, boasted in an email to supporters about the passage of a bil ...

Google maintains trigger warning on conservative political satire video

Dec 26, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
In a comedy sketch by YouTuber John Burk, "Paint Like a Feminist", Google placed a so-called trigger warning on a 10-month-old video to war ...

Neal Boortz schools Ocasio-Cortez's biblical illiteracy after 'refugee' tweet on Christmas

Dec 26, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
In a Christmas tweet, Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) remarked that Jesus' parents were refugees who required emergency shelt ...

Rand Paul's 'Festivus report' airs grievances against wasteful spending

Dec 26, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
Once again, libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul ran is annual Festivus tweet fest by airing his grievances about big government. From foreign po ...

Ubi et Orbi: Pope Francis dedicates Christmas speech to fraternal love

Dec 26, 2018 | Pope Francis
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas! To you, the faithful of Rome, to you, the pilgrims, and to all who are linked to us from every part of ...

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