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Articles from the past 90 days

Pat Buchanan: Will Trump stick to the Syria pull-out?

Dec 26, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there,” wrote President Donald Trump, as he ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. ...

Yotav Eliach: Why American Jews feel unconnected to Israel

Dec 26, 2018 | Yotav Eliach
The very sad truth is that a large part of American Jewry has decided not to educate their children and grandchildren to be Jewish in any shape or fo ...

James Thunder: Mr. Blue, the 90-year-old influential novel you should read at Christmas

Dec 26, 2018 | James Thunder
I could not let this year pass without remarking that 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of the publication of a short novel, about 120 pages, that a yo ...

Newt Gingrich: Trade pain is nothing compared to an unchecked China

Dec 26, 2018 | Newt Gingrich
As the Trump administration continues to negotiate and define its trade relationship with China, it’s important to remember that whatever agree ...

Pat Buchanan: Can the US fight two Cold Wars at the same time?

Dec 26, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
Kim Jong Un, angered by the newest U.S. sanctions, is warning that North Korea’s commitment to denuclearization could be imperiled and we could ...

Bill Donohue: Catholics are being played again, this time in Illinois

Dec 26, 2018 | William Donohue
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has released a report by her office on sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy in Illinois. Before addressing her ...

Why euthanasia deaths in Quebec rapidly rise

Dec 26, 2018 | Michael Cook
Is death-by-doctor becoming normalised?

Star Parker: Why we need a border wall

Dec 25, 2018 | Star Parker
The point is there are real threats. Would anyone have opposed spending $50 billion or $100 billion if it could have stopped 9/11?

Defense Secretary James Mattis resigns, read the resignation letter

Dec 21, 2018 | Clinton Gillespie
Defense Secretary James Mattis informed President Trump that he will resign, effective in February. Mattis explained in his letter that he disagrees ...

Nikki Haley blisters UN: Palestinians suffer because their leaders cling to 50-year-old demands

Dec 18, 2018 | Ambassador Nikki Haley
AS DELIVERED Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Mr. Mladenov, for your briefing. When I first came to the United Nations two years ago, I was ...

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